The Five Best Barbers in Wellington – Boar and Blade

The Five Best Barbers in Wellington

Whatever vibe appeals to you most, you can rest assured you’re in expert hands with any one of Wellington’s finest.

The modern gentleman probably needs no introduction to the resurgence of the barbershop. Directly countering the stuffy swank of the salon environment, overtly masculine spins on the classic parlour continue to pop up at increasing frequencies. Simply picking a number for the clippers doesn't quite cut it anymore; your barber needs to know his skin fade from his taper, and the environment in which he cuts is likely an impeccably curated reflection of his pulse for all things gentlemanly. And getting a trim isn't just a monthly errand, but a sought after experience.

Working alongside LYNX Black on compiling our dossier for the gentleman's life in Wellington, we have found five barbershops listed below which all reflect a distinct atmosphere to cater for all genres of modern male.

1. The Boar and Blade

Nestled in Wellington's secluded Egmont Street, The Boar & Blade has swiftly become something of an institution since opening its doors in 2013. Their savvy amalgamation of mid-20th century atmosphere and contemporary cool have made them the go-to for the aspiring gentleman - not even mentioning the revered reputation for slick cuts, cut throat shaves and meticulous beard maintenance. With the eponymous and infamous pig's head mounted above the entrance (ask the store founder Bundy about it), the space is classic man-cave porn, replete with wood-carved service areas and a treasure trove of distinctly masculine artefacts. The area is tight, so booking is recommended, but if you're after a genuine

26B Egmont Street, Wellington

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