The Seven Best Barbers in Auckland – Boar and Blade

The Seven Best Barbers in Auckland

Whatever vibe appeals to you most, you can rest assured you’re in expert hands with any one of Auckland's finest.

In time gone by barber shops were often used as a public forum for open debates, public concerns and social interaction. During the Middle Ages - as well as serving to men's grooming requirements - the barber's chair would also double as a place for surgery, neck manipulation, enemas and the extraction of teeth. Hence, the barber's pole, where each swirling colour symbolises the different trades of the barber.

While the barber's pole has remained red, blue and white, the popularity of men's grooming has been on a steady rise since someone penned the term 'metrosexual'. Places that follow the 'one haircut suits all' philosophy have since been banished to dark crevasses around the country, while slick new establishments are popping up with free beer and interior design that wouldn't be amiss in the pages of a fancy style magazine; all that while still tending to the needs of the modern-day gentleman.

My own history with barber shops has ranged from mother-enraging undercuts to blood covered scalps. On this occasion, I was treated to the scissor-happy company of talented individuals around the city. The perks of working with LYNX Black on pulling together their Gentleman's Guide to Auckland. So here are the seven of our favourite barbers in Auckland that will sharpen you up good and proper.

Boar and Blade: The Wellington institution has expanded North, with the addition of a new shop in Auckland. Barber Brendan (Bundy) Blake has been in the game for upwards of ten years and has a fortune of knowledge when it comes to cutting hair. Upon entry into their new Ponsonby Central location you'll be greeted with a boar's head that his grandfather apparently shot along the Waingawa River in the '40s. Due to the intimate setting and restricted number of chairs, bookings are definitely recommended, though walk ins are also welcomed.

Shop 4B, 136-138 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby Central.

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